About Us

Meet the Wife: Lindsey A.

I'm a 20-something newlywed who obviously has too much time on my hands, since I skip doing productive things and just blog, as of late. I'm a writer and editor for a very small lifestyle publication, a semi-health nut (who does indulge in the occasional post-bar corn dog and is never one to turn down a beer), a dog-lover, a photography-lover and, of course, an amateur wife.

Meet the Husband: Nurse A

When Andrew (also known on this blog as Nurse A) was just a tot, Wynonna Judd almost ran him and his twin brother over in her big black car. She didn't though, and he lived and is now a pizza journalist. (As in, he writes about pizza, crust, pepperoni, etc. and consequently is extremely outspoken and knowledgeable when sampling a new "pie," as those in the industry call it.) He enjoys perfecting the art of tacos, adding things to our Netflix queue but never actually returning the discs  and attempting to train Sawyer the Sharkdog.

Meet the Pupster: Sawyer A.

Sawyer is our four-month-old pound puppy. He's slightly orange (if he was a girl we would have named him Clementine, also a LOST reference) and he loves to bite, bite, bite, hence his nickname, Sawyer the Sharkdog. He likes rope, eating and eating rope. Recently, he tried to lap from a bowl of olive oil. He's cute. Is he a Labrahound or a Houndador? We may never know.

Baby Sawyer.

How We Met

Alas, the origins of the famiroo can be traced back to Facebook (back when the Facebook was new and just for college kids and that wasn't creepy). We met in person on my first day of my freshman year; Andrew (affectionaly known as "Nurse A" on the college radio station) was outside of the student union, working a remote for the radio. I recognized him immediatly from his angsty profile picture and asked, "Are you Andrew?"

"Yes," he replied. "Who are you?"

It was love at first sight, for me at least. I managed to walk past him at least five times that day, and even called my mom to declare I was in love. (Her response? "Wow, that was fast.") We went on our first date, to an on-campus coffee shop the next day and had changed our relationship statuses on Facebook by the end of the week.

Four years later, in October 2009, Andrew proposed on a rainy Friday afternoon. I had been rear-ended on my way to visit him (I was living in Memphis at the time, he was in our college town 90 minutes away) and was already confused when my mom sounded much more excited about my rear-ending news than she should have been. "Hi!" She said enthusiastically, when I called to tell her about the accident. "Oh, it happens all the time!" she said cheerily.

Turns out, Andrew had asked for my mom's blessing earlier that morning, and she was expecting a different phone call from me, which she received a few hours later. We celebrated with champagne (in glasses that later got returned to the store--Andrew was that broke) and mediocre oysters and began planning our sweet summer wedding immediately.

August 14, 2010
Honeymoon in Savannah, GA.

First ever (official) family photo!

 So that's a little about us! Thanks for visiting!