Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Greek System

No, not this Greek.

I do love Cappie's Tau's, though.

This Greek:

Andrew and I are obsessed with plain, non-fat, Greek yogurt and here's why you should be too: You can substitute it in almost any instance you'd use mayo (it's a great way to lighten chicken salad because it has no fat, tastes quite delicious and is 90 calories per small package) or sour cream. Heap it on top of tacos or baked potatoes guilt free. 'Cause we all know light sour cream just doesn't cut it.
My current favorite use for Greek yogurt is to mix in lots of lemon juice and a dash of cumin, and either dip fresh veggies like red bell peppers into it or top turkey/avocado pitas with it.
However, it is apparently quite easy to mistake vanilla yogurt for plain, so be careful. Vanilla and taco seasoning don't mesh.


Isn't it sad that this Greek didn't come to mind first?

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  1. haha! you mean you didn't like vanilla yogurt on your tacos?!