Sunday, August 29, 2010

Honeymoon Part II: The Lake

Honeymoon Part II: In which we run out of money, retreat to the family lake house and proceed to have a dog party.

We knew that after living large in Savannah for three and a half days we'd be running a bit low on funds so we made plans to continue our week of relaxing in small town Alabama where some of Andrew's family lives and his parents have a lake house. We got there Thursday afternoon and spent Friday in a nearby town shopping, visiting Andrew's sister and eating sushi.

Sunset on the lake.

On the way to Alabama we stopped one last time in Macon, Georgia to participate in Andrew's favorite activity: eating Mexican food.

Check out that concentration. Also, check out my nachos.

Late Friday night
our friends Lexi and Jamie (the ones who are getting married in March!) arrived in town. They watched Sawyer all week along with their two dogs George and new puppy Jennifer, and somehow managed to fit all of them into Jamie's sweet Mustang for the seven hour drive from Tennessee.

Feasting on more Mexican food and "medium" margaritas. We eat a lot of Mexican.

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, eating, photographing dogs and making merry in general.

So that you don't think I'm completely psycho, I'll only upload two dog pictures.

George and Jennifer. I got all sentimental and made it black and white.

Sawyer and Jennifer exploring.

By this time, Andrew was tired of taking pictures. I clearly was not. Notice he's not wearing his hat anymore.

This is because Sawyer had nibbled a bit of the brim:

We got back home Sunday around 6 p.m. to a clean house (thanks to my brother and his girlfriend) and a pile of gifts we just started writing thank-you notes for tonight. And with this rental Porta Potty, my friends, I formally bring honeymoon posts to an end.

Ah, the South.

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  1. I know right where that porta potty is on highway 49, heading into Dadeville! Nice pic!