Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Wish List

I've really enjoyed reading your wish lists and gift guides, so I'm doing one of my own! My mom has been asking for a list, so I might as well blog it, right? Here are a few of the things I'm wanting, in no particular order.

Vera Bradley Garment Bag in Hope Garden

Image Source
I travel a decent amount (even if it's just weekend trips to visit friends) and I always have a ton of hanging clothes that fall off the hangers in the car or in the street when I'm bringing my things inside, so I'm in desperate need of a garment bag. This one is so cute and this print is discounted! A good deal, I think.
P.S.- Vera Bradley is having some major sales today. Go check it out--the large duffel, normally $80 is $45, and the Vera bag, normally $78 is $35.

Digital Voice Recorder with Phone Recording Device

Olympus WS 500M Digital Recorder

Olympus TP-7 Telephone Recording Device

I'm so fun, right? But really, these two items are at the top of my list because they would make my job infinitely easier. Right now I'm sporting an old-school recorder (like, with an actual tape) in my interviews and I have no hook-up for my cell so I just have to type really fast when I talk to people. This is fine, but sometimes I miss quotes that I would like to use, and a digital recorder that I could use to transfer and save all my files on my computer would be insanely awesome, not to mention very handy for fact checking. I did used to have one, but it died.

Awesome Coat

Victoria's Secret Wool Military Coat in navy
I have no idea what kind of coat I'm looking for here, but definitely something a little different because I already have a classic black pea coat. I like plaid, I like toggle, I like military. Any suggestions as where to find a cute, affordable one? I'd like to pick out something that goes with both black and brown boots, so maybe red. I like the Victoria's Secret one above, but haven't made a final decision. Where's your favorite coat shopping spot?

Netbook Disc Drive

External CD-ROM Drive for Acer Aspire One

I'm no techie, but you may have realized by now that I'm working with some pretty "budget" technology. When my "vintage"--that's what the people at the Apple store called it when they said they no longer serviced models that old-- Mac iBook died about a year ago, I couldn't afford a new one so my mom got me an Acer Aspire One netbook for Christmas, which I would totally recommend by the way. It was less than $300 and so far I haven't had any problems with it except that Sawyer chewed up the charger. (But the replacement was just $30!) Unfortunately it doesn't have a disc drive, which has gotten quite annoying. So I want one! They're not expensive, so I don't know why I've never gotten one...

Running Gear
Nike Tempo Track Women's Running shorts
Nurse A and I have big plans to run at least a 10k this year, and I could use a couple pairs of new running shorts, some sports bras and even new shoes! What is it about new running outfits that's so inspiring?

 So what's on your wish list? Do you tend to ask for things you want, need or a mixture of the two?


  1. I love the coat and the Vera Bradley bag!! SO cute!! I'm not so into the recorder, but I do understand it would help you a lot. Practical gifts, whatever!! I have no wish list... as the whole holiday was canceled in my house. But I get Netflix!

  2. Love the coat! I got my wool plaid peacoat from American Eagle a couple of years ago. I love it!

  3. Great List! I love the VS jacket, I think I will be adding that to my wish list now :-)

  4. OMG! I'm so right with you on the coat, especially in navy. I also want a black & white houndstooth one. Too bad it's only cold two months out of the year here.

  5. Great gift list...and I bought a digital recorder last year-and it's worth it! :)

  6. Great wish list! I definitely need a new Vera bag.. hmm, will have to go looking soon!

    Also, about the VS military coat: I have it in black and it's super stylish and cute. HOWEVER. The buttons always fall off.. I think it's because the inside part, where they are sewn onto the jacket, is so sharp that it cuts through the thread really easily. I still haven't found a solution for it.. I tried putting hot glue in the holes and sewing through the glue, but it's kind of a crap shoot. It worked on some buttons and not on others. Just be warned!!

  7. I was like, good gracious WHAT does she need a recorder for. But then it made TOTAL sense! I love your list and I'll be posting a very long and awkward one soon!

  8. Well, I'm adding a phone recording device to my list! How many years have we both been doing the type-really-really-fast trick? I probably should look into whether "there's an app for that" first.

    Call me ghetto, but I'm headed to Burlington Coat factory to peruse the discounted, last-year coat selection. I got my last Anne Klein peacoat there. Might dig through some Baby Phat to get to the good ones ... who cares.

    My list is mostly needs, I think. I need a new camera, right (I have 5 megapixels)? A TV (I prefer my laptop over our current 10-inch TV). My pink Converse sneakers have holes, and I have no other closed-toe, non-mesh shoes to wear this winter. Art to hang on the walls.

    I'm mostly worried about what to get other people. It's great to get cold, hard cash for my trip, but I can't give my dad money! Authentic cuckoo clock?