Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sawyer's Bad Habit

During my last couple of weeks working in the Memphis office and the mad dash to the end of Nurse A's thesis, our housekeeping fell to the wayside. It didn't help that our upstairs shower clogged this weekend and was full of standing water that then leaked through the roof in the downstairs bathroom, prompting us to throw every dirty blanket and towel we owned in to absorb the water. (Who knew that a plunger could have just fixed all this? Andrew did, but he still let me throw lots of blankets into the shower anyway.)

So I've been working on washing all of those things, along with our regular laundry and it seems like I just can't catch up. (To clarify, I have only ever in my life caught up on laundry once, and that was a couple months ago. I'm going for round two.) And did I mention Sawyer has a bad habit? Yes, he does. It's called peeing on the bed.

Sawyer has officially been banned from any room with a mattress, which is our master bedroom (he was banned from that  along time ago, as he can not be trusted in the dark) and our guest bedroom. He is also banned from the downstairs bathroom because he eats out of the trash and we put the stuff from our lint trap in there, which just can't be nutritious for a growing Labrahound. Our kitchen trash can is often on the dining room table, because Sawyer does love a good mouthful of whatever he can find.

It's not his fault the stairs are right by the counter.
Today I was cleaning up (I take a really long time to clean because I like to throw things away and organize cabinets) and asked Nurse A to come take a look at his newly arranged bathroom drawer. Andrew was home sick today, and in the daze that must have been his ailing body fighting a cold,  Sawyer crept into the room before he could shut the door. The next thing I know, I'm wrestling a 40-pound pupster off the bed in mid pee--he only managed to get the top blanket this time. That's a win for me.

About an hour later I was downstairs folding laundry and I realized in horror that the bedroom door was open to the Winchester Suite, our guest bedroom. I had just put on a brand new bed-in-a-bag set in anticipation (after our friend and four of his friends crashed at our house last weekend and had to sleep without sheets because I was already in bed) of our weekend guests, and sure enough, there was a big, wet stain in the middle. Sawyer strikes again!

Sawyer, pre-bed peeing phase.
Beautiful new bedding, pre-bed peeing phase.
So as soon as the upstairs blanket is done, in goes the guest room bedding.

I'd take a peeing pup over a lighter laundry load any day though. Does your pet have a bad habit that gets you all the time?

Seriously, how can you stay angry at this sweet puppy?


  1. My dogs have countless bad habits!!! So sorry Sawyer's being a naughty little guy!

  2. He is totally adorable! My one cat overeats and/or eats too fast and ends up throwing up.. at least twice a week. There's nothing medically wrong.. I attribute it to him being an emotional eater ;) Needless to say, it's hard work trying to keep all the (beige) carpets clean.

  3. Whew. I would freak out if my dogs peed on the beds. I have never had a problem like that. The problem I have is too much hair. My dogs are very hairy.

  4. LOL first of all, the last picture of Sawyer is so freaking cute!! I have a similar picture of Buddy. Its so funny that you posted this because I was thinking of posting on some of Buddy's bad habits too! Only I need more help (you know, the whole pulling down the neighbors pants thing). Buddy's are more than bad habits, they are bizarre and freakish habits. Buddy used to drink out of the toilet, but we kept the top down for a long time and he got over that. He still likes to go through the garbage every so often. I don't think that ever stops, unless you empty your garbage every 5 minutes.

  5. Oh my what a cute dog. I love his name. We have one of those mischievous ones and he drives me crazy! It sounds like you have more patience with him than I do with mine! Love the bedding you have too.

  6. OUR PUGS ARE JUST AS BAD!!! Harley pees on our toilet occasionally. Which I can respect. Sophie has pee-on-the-bed moments when she has bad UTI's (which has been at bay for a while due to a new prescription food) but they just LOVE to pee on our living room area rug. It ALWAYS smells like pee :( Which makes me a sad panda.

    Also LOVE that bed in a bag... where is it from? You must message me and let me know!