Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Lovin'

It's the end of January, almost February. The time of year when my thoughts turn to the candy colored nail polish of spring, azaleas, pastel Easter eggs, and, most of all, warmth. What would it be like to go running at the park in shorts and a tank top, with people lounging on blankets near the lake?

Since I can't change the weather, now is the time to appreciate the things I love about winter. What's on the top of my list?

Snow, of course! I love snow, no matter how meager the flurries. We were supposed to get our third (light) snowfall last night, but all seems clear today.

Uggs. I didn't really get the trend until I put my foot into the fluffy, furry, warmth of an Ugg boot.  I will certainly miss them when flip-flop weather rolls around.
I definitely see a splurge for these chocolate brown Uggs in my future ... Image via

Slippers and bright socks. I like warm feet, ok?

Target has the best socks, hands down.

Nurse A in a scarf. He got a new one in Highlands and I love it! For some reason I don't have a great picture of it, but at least you can see it here. It's all red and plaid.

Warm blankets. Being able to sleep under tons of blankets comfortably is one thing I definitely miss during spring and summer. Blankets are just so comfortable, as evidenced by Sawyer.

He loves our new pillows!
And, of course, Valentine's Day! Our six month wedding anniversary falls on Valentine's Day, and I'm looking forward to it. Not sure what we're going to do, but it will certainly involve flowers!

Last year's set-up
Oh, I almost forgot King Cake! Growing up we always got Mardi Gras holidays off of school (my town is sandwiched between New Orleans and Mobile, so Mardi Gras is a pretty big deal there) but North Mississippi doesn't really have any celebrations. Still, I'm excited about attempting to bake King Cake for the first time. I'll let you know how it goes!

Image via


  1. I won't lie - I can't wait for spring and summer! But I do hope you post a tutorial of King Cake - it looks AWESOME!

  2. You forgot Leopard print snuggies and cozy pjs! I want to learn how to make a King cake! I've never had one. Someday, you will take me to Mardi Gras, k? :)

  3. I'm so focused on spring getting here that I'm starting to hate winter.. but I agree that it's good think of the things I love! I agree with all of the above. Although I've never had King's Cake.. I'm intrigued to see how your baking experience goes!

  4. I had my first King Cake a few years back and I'm totally in love with it... so delicious! I too, am looking forward to spring and proudly wearing a pair crazy colored socks from Target rite now :-) Loved your snow pix!

  5. Awwww our anniversary is a holiday too! I didn't know yours was Valentine's Day. ;)

    Now I want to make a King Cake and have a Mardi Gras party ... ideas, ideas.

  6. I couldn't get my hubby to come play out in the snow. Said it was toooooo cold. Geez. So he watched me play in it from the porch.

  7. So I was thinking about you feeling sheepish about Uggs. I do, too. I'm just like, I can't really want that stupid thing everyone else likes.

    For Europe, I found these sort of one-off Uggs (in black): And I still was sheepish about wearing them, but I wore them to work today! The only thing I don't like is how they don't have real fur — like Uggs. Real suede at least and waterproof (needs upkeep with some spraying.)

    But I love how they don't look exactly like Uggs. They're more Willow style. And I've seen Uggs with buckles and cute details, so go bold, Lindsey. Find some boots that are Lindsalicious.

  8. OMG that first pic, you guys are like models! I LOVE that pic!

    And I am glad I bit the bullet with uggs... I wear them WAY more than I thought I would!

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