Sunday, July 25, 2010

20 Days To Go

This morning I woke up with an excited knot in my stomach. I've had many sleepless nights during wedding planning, and many moments of stressing out (the florist didn't call me back for awhile, the band we wanted wasn't available) but this was the first morning that I realized this is actually happening. Plane tickets are purchased, people have taken days off of work, payments are being made--and A and I have to stand in front of about 100 people (so far, according to the RSVPs) and hope everything goes as planned. It's not the ceremony I'm worried about, but the actual coming together of it all. Luckily, I have a wonderful MOH who just got married in October and her bff, Elizabeth, who just celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary in July, has kindly offered to be the day-of coordinator. But I have to get so many specifics. What time will the cake be there? When will the event rentals be there? And to top things off, I just realized the paper lanterns I have don't have skeletons to keep them round, so they will just hang squatty in the trees. Honestly, I'll probably just buy eight or nine new ones this week when I'm in the city for work.
I have a major Hobby Lobby trip planned--A's sweet mother finished off the bottle collection, I think. (Our centerpieces are going to be in mismatched bottles for a vintagey feel.) But, I need to get ink for the guest book (more to come on that later), ribbons to tie tags onto the favors and, if possible, a chalkboard to write the catering menu on, just because I think it's cute. And A and I still have to get blood tests (ah, the beauty of living in the backwoods Deep South), apply for the marriage license and add some things to our event rentals order, as well as go over our budget, order fabric for table toppers and add more cupcakes to our order, all of which I plan to do before Wednesday of this week.

I love this idea. We'll definitely use it if I can find a cute, affordable chalkboard.

Also, I changed my phone number and need to call all the vendors and let them know. Another thing I'll probably do tomorrow. And I haven't even picked out how I want my hair done! But that's the least of my worries. I also need to make appointments for nails and waxing (more on that later too!). I'll probably just make a list today and hack away at it. We still need to print some engagement pictures for our frames that will be displayed at the reception (for the sole purpose that we needed non-floral decor since we are $96 over budget).

Centerpiece inspiration, minus the moss and lemons. Ours will be on fabric squares.

So let's see what I can knock out today: printing pictures, ordering table toppers and catching up on thank-you notes. Then I've got some work today for well, actual work, but tomorrow I should be able to do the event rentals stuff, bug the florist and add more cupcakes to our order. And then by the end of the week we will have gotten our blood tests, applied for the marriage license and need to drop the rings off for engraving (another one I forgot about!)

Meringue checked fabric from Hancock Fabrics.

I'll be so happy when everything is solidified, Eliz has a schedule and to-do list in hand and a team of boys to do it all, and I am happily in my wedding dress and it fits (I have an extreme fear that it won't zip, which is why I am going to really buckle down these next 20 days and eat right/work out as much as possible. I don't have a gym membership and can't afford one until after the wedding and it's too hot to run outside, but A does have an exercise bike that I plan to use.)
Wow, so there we go! Off to shower and then cross some stuff off of this list!

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