Friday, July 23, 2010

Downloading a New Leaf

Recently, during an intense, wedding-frenzy Google search, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of free templates. All kinds of templates for things like do-it-yourself matchbooks, favors, everything. My favorite find so far? (Besides the realization that people, seriously, refer to save-the-dates as std's, which was very confusing for the 20 seconds it took me to figure out.)

This adorable, budget-friendly save-the-date template:

Inspired (obviously) by this book:

So cute! Just download the font and template here, plug in your wedding info, print and mail. The creator only asks that you comment so he knows how far his design has gone.

This STD (hehe) was perfect for our summer wedding, since the actual ceremony will take place under a tree and we have a whole "New Leaf" theme going on in general. We had toyed (by toyed, we went as far as to personalize the invites, have a designer friend add some color and then abandon the project when it came time to pick paper) and were still toying with the idea of sending them out. But about three months from the wedding date, I decided to set my paper-product-loving sights on something more important: the invitation.

But, if we had a little more time, I totally would have sent these out!

Here are some other cute wedding templates. All photos are from Martha Stewart Weddings, as Martha Stewart rules (she even came out with an adorable doggie line of products).

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  1. I wish I had had the "Just Married" Sign. So cute!