Friday, July 23, 2010

Sawyer the Sharkdog

Remember Sharky the Sharkdog, from that old cartoon Eek the Cat? My brother and I used to watch it as kids. A little refresher:

Well you wouldn't know it looking at him, but this sweet boy is actually a crazy sharkdog that chews on my hair while I sleep.

Last night he peed in--let me repeat, in-- the bed while Andrew and I were sleeping. And then, he woke up gagging at two different times; the second time, I reached down his throat and pulled out two nasty wads of soft plastic. No wonder the little puppy was so uncomfortable! I have no idea what he ate. Was it one of these?

This is a lie--we buy Great Value water in this house!

On good nights, he sleeps most of the time, but almost always wakes up at some point and bites me (it's quite disturbing to wake up to your puppy chomping on back fat you didn't know you had ... he bit the bottom of my foot once too, and I didn't even know there was anything to get a hold of down there) and if he's not biting me, he wraps around my head and chews on my hair, resulting in a reoccurring knot that I thought I would have to cut out yesterday, but was able to untangle.

Don't get me wrong, he is a good boy and he's only 10 weeks old so of course he's bad (and we know, Cesar Milan, it's all our fault as his owners), but he's going to be a large dog we think (his mom looked like a 40 pound puggle, but Sawyer looks more lab and was the biggest of his litter) so Nurse A and I had been discussing crate training him to sleep on the floor anyway. Cesar Milan would definitely approve of this, as Cesar (the Dog Whisperer for non-dog people) loves crate training.

Sawyer already stays in a crate during the day and he doesn't seem to mind it (probably all the treats he gets when he goes inside) so maybe this weekend will be the weekend we stock up on earplugs and break our puppy of his nighttime Sharky the Sharkdog/Sharky the I-Pee All-Over-My-Mom's-Side-of-the-Bed habits.

Wish us luck! He's still in his formative weeks, so hopefully we can train him after all!

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  1. Soooo sweet! I can't wait to see how big he is. Love this blog, by the way!!
    xo Cece