Thursday, July 22, 2010

Role Reversal

I work in Tennessee, which is about an hour-and-a-half commute one way. I usually only go into the office twice a week, but we have one busy week each month so I go in three or four times. And while I'm driving, I contemplate life. Current topics include the wedding (I missed my exit this morning trying to figure out if we have enough wedding cupcakes or not) and home life. As I was contemplating this morning, I reflected on yesterday in which Andrew acted really womanly and I was clearly the man. Here is our schedule (keep in mind that Andrew also works and is writing a thesis):

7 a.m.-My alarm clock goes off. I get in the shower. Andrew gets up and makes coffee.
7:15 a.m.- Andrew irons and starches my button-up shirt. (Yes, starches. And yes, I even dressed like a man yesterday.)

work, work, work, work.

7 p.m.-I get home from work. Andrew is plating a delicious meal of grilled pork chops, baked sweet potato wedges and steamed broccoli (he used our new steamer for the first time!) He has already opened our box of wedding favors that arrived in the mail, examined them and decided they are "classy."

7:05-Andrew pours himself a glass of chardonnay and me a chilled glass of beer. We eat.

8 p.m.-Andrew starts talking about darning socks. I have no idea what that means.

Courtesy of Google:

Noun: A place in a garment that has been mended in such a way.
Verb: Mend (knitted material or a hole in this) by weaving yarn across the hole with a needle: "I darn my socks"

What a great fiance! I pledge to put on an apron and make (turkey) meatloaf at some point in the near future. Also, to thank him, I am going to buy him a new pack of socks today, as I so no need for him to actually darn his old ones.

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