Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bachelorette Bash in New Orleans

Recently, my main ladies and I celebrated my limited days as a bachelorette in New Orleans--so much fun, and my first time on Bourbon, even though I grew up about an hour and a half away. (The one time I walked down Bourbon during the day in highschool, a piece of toast--like toasted toast, not just bread--fell on my head. That didn't happen this time, but I now realize it could have been worse ...) I got to see some bffs I haven't seen in forever and hurricanes were had by all (well, almost all--the smart ones stuck to beer.)
The night flew by, and then bridesmaid Rachel and I were back on the road for our six hour drive home. Here are some highlights from the night, snapped by my wonderful MOH, sister and apparently fab party planner and Ashley.

Flavors included strawberry lemonade, and ... well that's all I can remember. But they were good!

Aren't these cupcakes adorable? They're from Frosting, a cupcake shop on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the area from which I hail. Ash picked up 18 of these babies, all in different flavors, to fill the eighteen slots on her cupcake stand.

Bachelorette accessories.

The set up. Not sure if you can see it, but the cupcakes are too big for the stand (there were so many that we didn't even get to sample all of them.) And yes, those are peen antennas in the center of the table. Bridesmaid Lexi rocked them all night and she looked pretty awesome.

Then my long lost friends Willow and Alex showed up in true NOLA style--rockin' to-go daiquiris they picked up just outside of the city for their drive in.

On our way to dinner at Emeril's NOLA Restaurant (which was delicious and everybody unanimously regrets not ordering the buttermilk fried chicken and bourbon mashed potatoes so get it if you go!) we took a group picture. I love these girls!

(left to right) Lovely lady Nikki (the fashionable wife), MOH Ash, bridesmaid Willow, fab friend Alex, me and bridesmaids Alisha, Rachel and Lexi all of whom deserve witty titles, but I'm too lazy to come up with some.

And so the night began.

First, we outfitted ourselves in bachelorette wear. Ash wore the leopard princess kitty crown (leftover from the lingerie shower Lexi hosted the night before--recap to come), while Willow went for a more roaring twenties look with her feather. Check out the peen antennas!

We saw Andrew's suit in the window of the J.O.S. A. Banks store connected to our hotel, and it was quite exciting. I had to pose.

There were so many other bachelorettes out in about, but this pink-haired lady was staying on the same floor as us. Notice she's holding cash in her left hand; I had a rainbow peen pop in my right hand, but I cropped it out to maintain my internet reputation. Shady, I know.

To sum it up there was dancing, drinking and late night pizza eating. And then we woke up to this:

The morning after. Poor cupcakes. But look, the edited penis pop makes an appearance!

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  1. You should have posted the lovely picture of you in your Elton John attire! It is my fave. Hey, lets go back to New Orleans now, ok?