Friday, July 30, 2010

Flower Power

These are billy balls. I love them. Photo from here.

Today was quite an eventful day for wedding planning. On the way to Andrew's office this morning we dropped off the wedding rings for engraving (at a trophy shop), and then we went to Urgent Care clinic (for the second time, mind you) for our blood tests, because we live in one of the handful of states that requires you to get tested for syphilis before you get married. The first time we went, the clinic was packed and I felt very angry to be around 20 sick people just weeks before the wedding. We ended up leaving, but today when we went back we got our tests right away and had a great nurse, who told Andrew he had "veins like garden hoses." That's my boy.

We get our results back tomorrow though, so needless to say we're on the edge of our seats. (This is when a grammatical symbol for sarcasm would come in handy and I need to knock on wood.)

And then, we ... drum roll please ... saw a mock up of our wedding centerpieces! This is a very big deal, because our florist was MIA for months, and then handed us off to another employee, Kaylee, who straight up rocks. I love Kaylee. Back when I was naive, I had the idea that to go with the vintagey feel of our wedding, we would collect vintage milk bottles and other bottles and scatter them around, mismatched, for the centerpieces. At first I perused antique shops and picked up old soda bottles, milk bottles and jars, and then I turned to Hobby Lobby's 50 percent off sale on glassware.
Honestly, this morning I was regretting this decision and considering asking the florist to just get glass vases. But after seeing the arrangements, I'm feeling a lot better. We went with yellow and white daisies, September flowers and billy balls (although Kaylee substituted yellow buttons for the billy balls in the mock-up, and there will actually be some sort of natural raffia on the finished product.)

Andrew's mom, Donna A., and I had gathered such a variety of vases, I was worried that the arrangements would be too random, but Kaylee had gone through and found just one that she didn't think would work, which she sent home with us, filled with some of our flowers. Here it is.

Our actual centerpieces will have three bottles/jars/vases of varying sizes. Kaylee put some together for us. They actually had long pieces of grass sticking out of them at first, but it kind of looked like too much, so we ditched it. The larger vases will have some sort of leafy greenery as filler, though.

Oh and also we added more (caramel, three-chocolate) cupcakes to our order, which is always a great idea. If only our wedding could be this cute:

Image from here.


  1. These look awesome!! I'm so excited!! Not long until I get to see them live, in person FOR REAL!!!!

  2. a) I love the centerpieces! They look great!
    b) your wedding will be that cute, or cuter!
    c) I shall stop commenting on everything you have ever written now and google to see if they make pizzles for cats

  3. I love comments! Comment away!