Saturday, July 31, 2010

But that's a lolly dolly ...

Recently, Andrew bought Sawyer a $7 dog chew. I was skeptical, as I had picked out a $1.99 toy shaped like a pig's nose. But at Andrew's insistence, we bought it. It is a 12 inch beef stick called a Pizzle.

Initially, I was thrilled with how long the Pizzle lasted, how it didn't splinter when Sawyer chewed on it (he chokes on everything, so he's not ready for bones and we don't give him rawhides) and how I could distract him from biting the backs of my knees by telling him, "Sawyer, leave mom alone and go play with your Pizzle."

Sawyer and his Pizzle.

But then I Googled it and no, I am not going to share the Wikipedia results. Coincidence, I thought. Silly naive dog-treat namers. If they only knew.

But a second Google search, this one being "Pizzle dog chew," warranted this description, straight from Doctors Foster and Smith themselves, those naive dog chew makers:

"Made from real dried steer pizzle, these treats are a great alternative to rawhide."

That is all.


  1. HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA! I googled pizzle and then literally just gasped and covered my mouth and laughed out loud in shock (and a little delight). OMG! I suspect, when I share this with Decker, pizzle will become a household name. On on non-pizzle-related note, Sawyer's color is lovely! What a beautiful baby!

  2. Sawyer is getting so big!! I must come see him before he becomes ginormous!! He is so cute. I need to google pizzle...