Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Culinary Win

Andrew has been on a cooking roll for about a week. Monday we had taco salad with Greek yogurt (my fav!),Tuesday we had steak fillets and veggies, Wednesday we had meatloaf, peas and carrots, and so on and so on. But then, yesterday night (we are spending a coveted weekend in before the wedding ... my phone has even died and I did not put it back on the charger. Did anyone else do this two weeks before the big day?) his cooking streak came to a halt, when our wedding Le Creuset cookware exploded in the oven and the farmer's market pork loin (because yes, farmer's market makes a difference--it tastes so much better!) didn't even cook all the way through.

Our loss. We ended up grilling the pork loin and it was delish.

So tonight, I was really, really wanting pizza, mushroom and cheese pizza to be exact. But Andrew and I are on a wedding diet that doesn't include bread, beer, pasta or rice. It's kind of forcing us to be creative. This past week, we've eaten tons more veggies (more meat too, which I'm not so fond of ... I'm pushing more vegetarian dinners, but we'll see how that goes over.) Tonight, we came up with this.

This kinda looks gross but is delish.

We baked some frozen chicken in olive oil and added lots of basil and lemon juice as well as cracked black pepper, salt and tomatoes and carrots for about 30-45 minutes (we just checked it in between Instant Netflix.) We topped it with a couple slices of goat cheese and our only complaint is that we didn't make more. A rare culinary win in this househould, y'all, and so, so easy. Next time we'd want to stuff it probably, but if all you have is frozen chicken strips, this rocks.


  1. what happened to the cookware? and i promise to help you make a wonderful pizza after you guys return from your honeymoon, which i assume you won't be on a post-marriage diet.

  2. how sad on your cookware- return it and get a new one! my $12 Sunbeam toaster is alive and well and on its 10th year of toasting, and our $80 fancy scmancy wedding toaster has already kicked the bucket (and is now just waiting for me to deal with the misery of returning something that probably has to be mailed back to the manufacturer). Plus, we've already have to return a flippin $150 slow cooker b/c it broke the second time we used it! wtf expensive stuff, you're supposed to be better than the cheap stuff?

    but the meal sounds delish and definitely keep your phone off! sanity is so underrated!

  3. It just cracked in half in the oven! It happened to the first pizza stone Mom got me too, but she was able to return it. Sadness, sadness. And yes, we should have a pizza fest post-wedding Rachelous!

  4. Thats so sad about your wedding gift!! But your meal looked quite delish! I must try it.

    Your phone died... is that why you didn't send me mean things about the picture text I sent? I did it to show you I was thinking of you as I consumed my wonderful tropical punch Ritas!

  5. I don't think you're supposed to put things like that in the oven.... live and learn I guess.

  6. idk, it looks like it was meant for the oven. I wonder... was it stoneware? maybe there was a bubble in the clay.