Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bridezillas are misunderstood

Image from here.

Yesterday I completely understood the bride in this picture! Between work and wedding planning, the wedding weekend can't come fast enough.
Also, an open apology to our wedding guests: Guests, I too am wondering what I was thinking planning an outdoor August wedding in Mississippi. Today the heat index was 114 degrees. I tried to take outdoor pictures of Sawyer and the lens of my camera fogged up. We have a huge air conditioned house on the property, but unless it rains (and right now, weather.com doesn't have a prediction for that weekend yet, but it is raining the Wednesday before according to them), which will completely ruin my color scheme, the ceremony is still outside. Maybe at 7 p.m. it will be a little better? It's the midday pictures that are really going to get us though, so maybe I should be apologizing to the wedding party. Sorry, wedding party!

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