Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Control, ALT, Poverty

I work from home most days, a new arrangement that started in June when I moved to Mississippi to live with Andrew. While working from home has its pros (well, lots of pros), I've also realized that we are not too technologically advanced in these parts (by these parts, I mean our house). Sure we have a Wii to stream Instant Netflix, but my 2005 iBook ("vintage model," as the Apple representative kindly called it when he directed us away from the clean white Apple store to a guy's house who fixes old computers) died recently after being the most awesome computer ever for years. That was ok--Andrew had a newer MacBook with a full size screen and keyboard, so I just replaced mine with a $400 tiny Acer Netbook (an Xmas gift) and used Andrew's whenever I could. But then, tragedy struck. The charger plug-in port blew out in Andrew's MacBook. We haven't had the extra cash to get it fixed yet, so I've been attempting to work from home on my 8" netbook with a mini keyboard that I can't really type on (a problem since I do a lot of interviews and type notes) with a little screen that doesn't even allow me to Facebook properly. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can carry my Netbook in my new purse and not even notice it's there until my shoulder gets sore, but it's not conducive to actually getting work done. I thought the only solution was to get a new computer, preferably an Mac desktop, but Andrew wasn't too keen on spending wedding money on a $600 Mac mini and having to buy a keyboard, monitor and mouse too. And then he became a genius and hooked up this sweet setup in our extra bedroom that I'm sure anyone reading this blog would have come up with way before we did:

Please excuse the mess on the bed in the background. We hadn't cleaned up after unloading the monitor and opening some wedding gifts.

He hooked up the little netbook to the big screen! Pure genius! It's great for everyone because I can get work done at home, have an actual workspace (before I just sat on the couch and Sawyer would run across the keyboard, so I went to local coffee shops a lot which can get expensive) and Andrew can play whatever computer games it is that he plays on a way bigger screen.

Sawyer likes it too, because he can sleep on the extra bed instead of in the kennel he stays in when I'm at a coffee shop.

Andrew says the title of this post is wrong and should be "The Best of Both Worlds," since it's such an awesome setup.


  1. this is genius! it's how i felt when we hooked our old computer to the old tv and can now watch instant netflix on the tv! woohoo for being creative and saving money! and baby sawyer is soooo cute!!!

  2. Andrew has been quite the genius lately! I'm super impressed with his brilliance. I'm also impressed because he cared what the title of the post was, since my hubby has never looked at my blog. And OMG Sawyer is the cutest thing ever!!!!!