Monday, September 13, 2010

Flyin' Solo

I'd like to take my hat off to single mothers. You rock. Because I, my friends, am failing at single mothering our puppy (who is currently trying to get a jar of peanut butter out of the sink ... don't ask me why I put it there--we have very little counter space) while the hubs is in Orlando for work.

I was off today because I just got back from a business trip yesterday afternoon so I spent the day lounging around in bed with Sawyer. Around noon we ran some errands and I took him on his very first trip to the park.

I pretty much walked in the grass while he splashed in the lake. It was cute.

And then I was all like, I'm gonna cook. I made chicken Parmesan. It was off to a bad start before I even turned on the stove. (I broke the sauce in the driveway in front of five neighbors.) But I got some more and the cooking commenced.

It was good, but I would not take it upon myself to direct you step-by-step in how to make it as I am certain you could do it without slinging raw egg around the kitchen. And because during my process Sawyer peed on the couch (bad Labrahound!), ate some butter while I wasn't looking (he can stretch tall, y'all) and chewed on the Wii mote.

Sneaky puppy.

For the record, I swear to you I can cook a decent meal. "A" as in "one" decent meal, actually. A few years ago it was butternut squash soup, but then I ceased to be able to make it (one day it was just nasty) and now it is turkey pita with lemon-yogurt sauce. I'm going to share that one day soon!

I hope you guys had better (cleaner) cooking experiences tonight. In random other news I've received word that my photographer is sending our wedding pics this week, so be prepared for some wedding posts. I'm so excited! Andrew says I need to move the blog away from the wedding but I cannot physically (mentally?) do that until I post professional pictures of the day!

Happy Monday all, and be sure to check out Mingle Monday over at Life of Meg if you are looking for some fun new blogs to read!


  1. I'm going to be a single pug mama Wed-Friday or maybe Saturday (depending if B can see his mom or not.) And... ok I kind of love it? But the whole having to go home at lunch to take care of the pugs on days I work both jobs SUCKS.

    And I just eat stuffing while he's gone. EASY!

  2. Hey, I know how you feel. Our first puppy had an intestinal bug and had the runs all over apartment for the first 3 MONTHS. It was horrible. Just be firm and be the tough love momma he needs, and you will have a well mannered pup. Good luck!

  3. Puppies can be exhausting (but oh so cute!). Dudley loved to chew on any wood product when he was a little guy (and that meant all of our chairs, tables, etc.). It will get easier! :)

  4. Awww! Poor you! Sounds like you got a high maintenance child on your hands! My life can be like that, and my child is a cat (but a sneaky, incrediby smart one)!

  5. SAWYER! He's Buddy's long lost brother, I think! He totally gets on the counters and eats things (like the meatloaf and entire ziplock bags of biscuits). Good thing they are both so darn cute!

  6. stopping by from mingle monday!
    Sawyer is totally ADORABLE! looks like a cuddle bug.
    i've got a pup too, she's our spoiled furbaby, but I wouldnt trade her for the world.
    how newly wedded are you?