Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I know I promised a guest post from Andrew today (which he wrote and wants everyone to know he did not miss his deadline) but my camera is having a meltdown and I can't get it to take pictures. And this is a post that really needs pictures. I'm partially in mourning for my ailing Canon, but I don't think it's broken, I think I just need to fiddle with the settings. I promise that post is coming, as are more wedding recaps.

So I leave you with happy weekend wishes and a sampling of wedding pictures to come. In this one, we pretend to be in an Anthropologie catalog:

*Note: my brother took this pic with Jenny's camera; wonderful photographer Jenny is actually in it, lounging on the couch! This was at the end of the reception when everyone was leaving and Andrew and I had already staged a fake exit. I love these beautiful people! And check out cousin/bridesmaid Alisha who ended up front and center, obvs the new face of Anthropologie weddings.

Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend! We're off to visit the in-laws at the lake.


  1. Seriously I need toile in my life. This picture proves it!!!!!!!

  2. i love that you can see the lace slip on cousin front and center- best dresses ever!