Monday, September 6, 2010

The Art of Compromise, Part II: Husband

I hope everyone had/is having a great weekend! We just got back from spending some time at the lake with Andrew's fam and during a stroke of genius I decided to look up my camera problem in the manual. Turns out the memory card was full and the normal message didn't come up, just an ominous red symbol. Silly me! But enough about that, I promised you a belated guest post from the husband!

Andrew, meet the bloggersphere. Bloggersphere, meet Andrew (for like the 20th time). Now that you know each other formally, have an oyster and enjoy his take on compromise:

Hello, Andrew here. When Lindsey started talking about domestic compromise, I had to admit she has kindly agreed to tolerate her fair share of home d├ęcor of my choosing. Although, let’s face it, my childhood pig painting is pretty awesome, right? Why else would my mom have framed it? However, I can point out a few pieces in our home that I wouldn’t mind seeing phased out.
If you have spent much time with Lindsey you know she loves blankets. Always with the blankets! If we watch a movie, she has a blanket, if she’s at her desk, there’s probably a blanket. When she comes down from bed on Saturday mornings, she is, without fail, draped in a blanket. So it’s no surprise that we have tons of comforters and quilts. While there’s nothing wrong with the quantity, I can’t help but think—despite her assurances—these are not in fact gender neutral.

The gender neutral argument doesn’t stop at the blankets though. Look at these curtains in the laundry room:

Pink and brown? I guess that’s compromise. But these look like shower curtains from a college ladies dormitory.

Lindsey thinks this last exhibit should be off limits as we haven’t hung it up in the new house yet. But for two years, every time I went into our bathroom I had to stand there and read this thing telling me to be myself and more importantly… be sassy. Eventually I began to overlook this piece of fine art—however our guests continued to notice. How was I supposed to have a guys’ night when this sign tells them to be sassy every time they pee? This was a gift from Lindsey’s mom…but if I get just one husband interior design veto, I’m calling it on this.

And of course these are the are the salt and pepper dogs…they poop salt and pepper on your food…two thumbs down.



  1. Hahaha, I can totally hear you saying all these things. Miss you both so much. <3

  2. Also, I added your newest blogging endeavor to my "Stuff I Read" list. I request you reciprocate, otherwise I'll turn into a pile of low self-esteem. :p

  3. I can so sympathize with the joining of stuff, and how difficult it can be to find gender neutral things. That being said - the salt and pepper shakers should stay. They're hilarious! Although, I may be biased because I have a Christmas reindeer that poops out chocolate malt balls...

  4. I love those salt and pepper shakers! As long as they're functional, I'd keep them. That piece of sorority "artwork" however ...

  5. Andrew my dear, one of my absolute favorite sayings of all time is "happy wife, happy life!" :)

  6. Hi! Just stopping by from Mingle Monday! Adorable blog and I love the idea of having your husband be the guest blogger!

  7. Hi! Visiting from Mingle Monday! Love your precious blog! I don't know how anyone couldn't see the fine taste in the Dachsund salt and pepper shakers. I wish I owned them!

    Visit me at:!

  8. LOL! I love this post. Especially about being sassy while peeing. That's amazing. Visiting from Mingle Monday!

  9. I absolutely died reading this. MORE HUBBY POSTS PLEASE! This post made me beg my hubby to do a guest post. He claims to have nothing to discuss.

    And ps we both LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. LOVE.