Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cuckoo for ... Cereal Bars?

Omg, did you know that these exist? I didn't. Guess what it is:

It's a cereal bar! The Pearl in Knoxville, Tennessee's Old City. You can mix and match any cereals from Fruit Loops to Kashi and it's only open from late afternoon to all hours of the night (from what I saw) obviously for the drunk and otherwise merry crowd. It's full of old furniture and a couple of kids watching TV. And it's awesome, and celebrating its three year anniversary soon so it must be at least semi-popular. We didn't eat there because of its odd hours, but totally would if we happened to be out and about and hungry at midnight, which I often am but not in Knoxville.

Do you have anything crazy but obviously necessary like a cereal bar in your town? Or have you seen something like this anywhere you've visited? Like I said, this one is in Knoxville where I'm visiting for work but I'm leaving for Nashville tomorrow night and will be there until Sunday, so I apologize for the sporadic posts this weeks. I hope that the cereal bar wins back your hearts and your forgiveness for my lack of consistency. And if it doesn't maybe this will:

Baby Sawyer Pupster!
Or this:

Sleeping Baby Sawyer Pupster!

And just for good measure, the first official family picture of us ever, taken Labor Day weekend:

Happy Wednesday night/Thursday morning everyone!


  1. we saw a cereal bar somewhere once and wanted to try it, but then we couldn't remember where (somewhere during a day of travel...)! fun! but personally, i would want it for breakfast. Did they have lots of milk options? fruit toppings? tell tell!

  2. A cereal bar opened while I was in Charleston. There probably is one in D.C., too. Hate to ruin the party, but I personally think it's about the dumbest thing ever. Cereal is about the easiest thing to make ... open box, pour. And then you overcharge people for it? Best swindle since Starbucks.

  3. The cereal bar was awesome! It was super cute and fun. I'm sure its super popular with the late night crowd! Wish we had gotten to sample!! Maybe next trip

  4. I wonder how much a bowl costs? Personally, I think it's a great idea if it was open for breakfast because (a) you can have junk cereal that you would never actually buy (hello, fruity pebbles- especially late at night!) and(b) sometimes you just don't want greasy breakfasts (when you are on the road and can't eat at home). Like Willow said, sometimes you want things you can make cheaply and easily at home, but are willing to pay an arm and a leg to get it on the run!

  5. also, cute family portrait! i love it!

  6. PS- you can open your own franchise!

    Also, genius idea- what if you had cereal in a vending machine, with milk/soy milk/almond milk (or at least skim, 2%, whole) choices. Hello wealth. The people at my company eat absolute crap from the vending machines, and I bet they'd opt for cereal for breakfast at work if it were an option. Perhaps I shall start a cereal bar kiosk in businesses.

    Clearly I'm starving. off to eat...

  7. I live in Knoxville!
    If you come back we'll have to meet up some time!
    It's sad that I live here and didnt know that existed. I'll have to check it out sometime after work (I work downtown).