Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Blog Award!

The fab kjpugs, all the way in Indiana, has given me my first blog award ever! I'm so excited. I started reading her wedding blog, Miss Pug's Pawfect Wedding, around February after a friend Googled my two favorite things: pugs and weddings. (I just got married so I was in full-on planning mode at the time, and I am a pug person sans pug right now but with big plans to rescue one in the future ... long story there.) So thanks Miss Pug! Everyone read her!

As part of the award I'm now supposed to sum up my blogging motivation, experience and philosophy in five words: Real life (oops that's two--reality?), clueless, humor, creeper, dogs.

And now I get to award 10 blogs in no particular order. You may not know I read your blog, thus giving the aforementioned "creeper" aspect of my blog some substance. And it just so turns out this is a substance award!

-kjpugs: Ordinary in Indiana
-Poor is the New Black
-The Fashionable Wife
-You Can't Take it With You
-OMG Mom
-Mississippi Maven
-Free Dingo
-Somewhere in Between
-We Met in a Bar
-Notes of a Native


  1. Congrats Lovey! And thanks for putting me on your list!


  2. Thanks for including me my friend!

  3. Gosh I adore you. The mention of creeper totally made my day. Because I love that word :) Thanks for including me on your list!!!! I LOVE your bloggy blog! :)