Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tying the Knot: Spa Day

Spa morning, actually. I can't wait to officially start the wedding recap so I thought the beginning would be a good place to, well, begin.

The Friday morning of the rehearsal dinner (Friday the 13th!) some of the lovely ladies gathered at a local salon/spa for mani pedis. Ash, always the thoughtful hostess, organized the spa morning and she and Elizabeth (who kindly offered to be the day-of coordinator for the wedding and is a longtime family friend) showed up with pastries, cute napkins (I am obsessed with cute napkins) water, orange juice and, of course, champagne. We later ended up with hummus as well and I'm still not clear on how that happened. But it was delicious.

The goods.

Eliz & Ash.

The actual manicure and pedicures weren't the best we'd ever had, but the salon was cute and the girls were nice so I was happy just to have some time to relax and hang out with everyone.

Mom had never had a manicure or a pedicure, and came along planning to just get her nails polished.

Ash, me and Mom

Eliz quickly convinced her otherwise.

Mom was quite amused with the post-pedicure flip flops.

I love this picture for some reason.

The spa girls (salonists, nailers, oh yes, beauticians is what I think they're called) pulled out the heart bowls just for us! The picture below is right before the girl cut my left hand ring finger (it turned all red and stayed that way throughout the wedding) but I was more concerned with how cute the bowls were and ended up getting red permanent marker on my nails later that night anyway. Of course at that point I didn't care. I was getting married!

Lexi and Rachel sipped mimosas while they waited for their manicures. Cause that's how we roll at 10 a.m. on a special occasion.

Ash and her wonderful mother-in-law Jeni got pedicures together:

We left around 1 p.m. and went our separate ways for lunch (Lexi, Rachel and I met Andrew and Jamie for sandwiches and beer to ensure our girlish figures were intact for the next day's festivities) and then some pre-wedding shopping madness during which Mom spent an extremely long time picking the color of the Sharpies for the guest book (which was not a book at all).

I had a blast and the spa morning was definitely a great start to one of the best weekends of my life. That's one piece of advice I have for soon-to-be brides: take time to appreciate all of your friends and family who you rarely get to see or you'll definitely regret it when the weekend is over.

Stay tuned for the rehearsal!


  1. I want another mani/pedi! that was so fun!

  2. btdub, i would pretty much kill for some bottletree or taylor grocery right now...

  3. I feel sad I didn't get a spa day before my wedding... I tried but there wasn't one!!
    Can we have a make-up spa day since we didn't get to do it before my wedding?? PLEASE???