Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Wedding Part Three: Posing

While the girls were getting ready, the boys were posing like professionals outside of the Isom Place, in front of what is normally an outhouse, but was out of order the day of the wedding. Seriously, check them out. Besides Andrew's obvious command of the photo, groomsman McRae was coming in at a pretty close second. (He's the one leaning against the window.) But everyone looked great.

And then, they took their jackets off! I am seriously in love with these photos.

I love all these guys! To the far left is Andrew's twin. Did you know he had a twin? Probs not, 'cause I didn't tell you. Andrew's dad was his best man, standing behind him on the right.
Then the girls entered the picture and posed on the front porch with our bouquets. Everyone looks quite beautiful, but as the photos to come will show, Andrew is quite the better model than his wife, who often stood awkwardly and stiffly.

We were lucky to have a venue with lots of cute photo settings. I had originally planned to go over to the Square (our town's downtown), but as I mentioned earlier, the heat index forced us to stay closer to the AC, even though the Square was literally across the street.

This is my favorite girls posed photo.

Then, after much confusion about how to transport ourselves to Rowan Oak, the next photo location (and William Faulkner's home--our town is William Faulkner-tastic), we began the rest of the portraits. With the help of our fans and rolls of paper towels (and a little Photoshopping, I'm not going to lie) we made it through. I saw a couple of the un-Photoshopped pics, and you can totally see sweat coming through the knees of Andrew's suit.

I stood awkwardly through multiple photos, but I do kind of love awkward photos. Why didn't I put my hand on my hip?! I say this in good humor because I love our pictures and how our photographer captured so much personality in each shot.

The beautiful house.

I don't usually like prom poses, but we did a few prom-esque ones, and I've got to admit, I kind of love them. A lot. Especially this one.

I love our wedding party so, so much. At this point Andrew and I both agreed that it just felt like we'd made all our friends get dressed up and take pictures. We should do this more often. Minus the extremely expensive wedding part and the required matching clothing. Andrew appears to have been getting tired in this one.

This is one of my favorites too! I had such a beautiful bridal party and such a lovely husband.

We stared off into the distance to contemplate at one point.

The boys and the bride.

And because I promised you kids an awkward photo:

After this, everyone piled into one of the cars and groomsman Jamie (second from left) kindly waited in his sweet air-conditioned 'Stang while Jenny took photos of just Andrew and me. Those photos are to come, and they are some of my favorite! I say this about all the photos, apparently.

*Photos courtesy of Jenny Anderson Photography


  1. Those are great photos, you look so pretty! I love all the different poses.

  2. I am LOVING your pictures and your poses! Even the one where you guys are in your 'prom pose'.. I love how the wedding party is a little more relaxed in the background. I may need to use some of your pics as inspiration!

  3. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Love it! Great group shots

  4. Love your pics!! The one with Andrew and the girls is hilarious! I don't know why it struck me as funny. Oh, and love the new look, lovey! :)

  5. i love the new layout! and all the pictures!!! and my bday present that i can't get over!!!!!!!!!

  6. My favorite is also the b&w one where you're at the top of the stairs. Everyone looks really good and you look really naturally happy. ;)

    I also like the one on the porch and, of course, Rachel and McRae's cute antics — him leaning against that window and her looking like she's going to tumble down the stairs on top of us, just a little.

    Excited to see more where I'm not like OMG I look terrible and I can just enjoy looking at you. ;)

  7. I love how the colors work so well with the suits/dresses and your backdrops. You really planned it PERFECTLY. It all looks so timeless and beautiful!! And I love the awkwardness sometimes, too :)

  8. hi....i am from india....nd i came across ur profile just by accident.....nd i kinda liked it...y dnt u have a comments section along with ur othr posts????