Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pretty Flowers, Sweaters and Naps

I can't believe it has been Tuesday since I last blogged! Don't worry, I have a wedding recap coming this week and I plan to be more on top of things. This weekend was so relaxing, full of naps and food and movies, and it was just what I needed. It was the first sweater-worthy weather this season, and it was quite invigorating! A few scenes from the refreshing weekend:

Waiting for pizza on Saturday.

Cute bakery for Sunday breakfast with good friends.

Nurse A's delicious breakfast tacos.

Fall has come to our off-limits shed. (The landlord keeps glasses in there for the restaurant he owns. We think.)

Playing fetch with the pupster on Sunday.

Right before Sawyer took off across the yard and ate some things that shall not be named. 

Pretty flowers growing alongside the house.
We also had a great lunch with the in-laws, and Andrew and I spent Sunday afternoon getting some work done and taking Sawyer on a long walk.  I hope you all had as restful a weekend as I did! (I can't say "we" because Andrew is working on his thesis, so I got to sleep in while he made edits.) Happy Sunday night, and don't forget to stop by Mingle Monday over at Life of Meg tomorrow to find some fun new blogs to make the work week pass a little faster! (Not that I'd ever read blogs at work.)


  1. Ahh.... what a lovely relaxing weekend! Looking forward to the wedding recaps!

  2. I feel you. Pretty much all I did this weekend was veg out, and it was wonderful.

    Nothing in particular is going wrong, but I just felt everything closing in. I've got that translation still hanging over my head, and I was wishing for a tornado to grant days off work last week!

    But the weekend was good. I got to cook a lot. Last night we had pork ribs, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and popovers. We didn't get to the Garden & Gun pecan pie. Felt like Thanksgiving. Wish you lived closer and could share.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend...I love having weekends where there are no specific plans!

  4. Sawyer is so darn cute!! I wish I had had a restful weekend. Never enough time for everything!!

  5. don't you just adore family time? i love the weekends when both my boyfriend and i get to spend the much-needed time away from work and together with our 2 furkids! :)

    and, of course, thanks for your lovely comment too! makes me day whenever i receive such encouraging comments from readers from all over the world! :)

  6. i love the bridesmaid dresses so pretty!

  7. These pictures SCREAM perfect fall weather! And breakfast tacos? NOM.