Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Pretentious Affair

This weekend we had  get-together for Nurse A's 25th b-day, creatively named "Pretentious Wine and Cheese Party." It was tiny (like five guests--this is what happens when you live in your college town post-college) but still lots of fun, because we lured our friends Lexi and J down from Memphis to stay with us for the weekend.

The theme of our evening was inspired partly by the extreme amount of serving dishes we got for our wedding/engagement. We didn't register for any, but the all-knowing platter-giving people scored points, because I am obsessed with the dishes to the point where I arranged them in natural light and photographed them. I share this with you now:

Pretty, right?
Guests were asked to don their most pretentious wear and stare down the camera. However, I ended up not having a photo of Andrew and myself, or of our other guests Kory and Bess. Photo fail.

Eddie and Nurse A.

Lexi and Master P.
Even Sawyer looked dapper. Actually, our friend Bob (the Dog Whisperer) got him to pose in his outfit Friday night. On Saturday, young Sawyer ran around with his hat and tie hanging in all directions trying to eat cheese and crackers. Because cheese and crackers are a must on Pretentious Wine and Cheese night, as is classical piano music.
The serving platters were put to good use. This looked a lot better in person. I promise one day to read my camera manual and not take dark, scary photos.

Spinach artichoke dip, fruits and veggies and lots of cheese! We also had summer sausage, pepperoni, blue-cheese stuffed olives and antipasto, as well as some sort of item Andrew put together and named "Flatbread Cool Downs."

Don't forget to pretentiously name your cheeses.

Mighty Humbolt Fog, Vigorous Black Hoop Cheddar, Hearty Havarti and Enchanting Triple Cream Brie.
The only downside to a Wine and Cheese party? There are not many options for dinner Sunday night except for..wine and cheese. And not many options for lunch on Monday, except for lettuce.


  1. You had quite the Pretentious Affair on Sat!! Hope Andrew had a good birthday bash!!! Sawyer looks rather dapper in his outfit. Love it!

  2. OMG. I love this idea!! Beautiful platters, too! I totally think I want to steal this idea.

  3. I so want a Pretentious Wine and Cheese Party, it looks delicious!

  4. Hearty Havarti made me LOL!!!! I kind of want to steal this idea too!

  5. This looks like so much fun! I am definitely stealing the idea!