Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chili Nights

Fall blew in today, literally. All of the leaves whipping around and falling off trees sounded like a tornado so I ran upstairs to rescue the pupster, who was happily chewing on a carrot. Then Nurse A called from work and confirmed it wasn't a tornado so I naturally grabbed my camera and ran outside.

A brewing storm.
Pretty fall colors, creepy weather.
It rained a bit and got pretty dark outside, but the wind seemed to be the worst of it. Afterwards, our yard was covered in wet, colorful leaves and the temperature had dropped substantially.

View from our front door.

Wet leaves apparently fascinate me.

We're going to need a rake.
 So, in honor of the weather and our slim wallets, Andrew and I made this inexpensive, five ingredient chili. It was delicious, and looked like this:

Photo and recipe from here.

Actually, it did not look like this. But it was really, really good. We added a can of stewed tomatoes to the recipe and used turkey instead of beef, and while I would definitely make this again, I would double the black beans, corn and tomatoes. So good! We topped it off with Greek yogurt, of course. We're trying to save money by eating out less, and all the ingredients for this cost less than $8! Major score, when we normally would have racked up a $30 bill at a restaurant. And if we doubled it, it would just require another can of tomatoes and another can of beans (we only used half a bag of frozen corn), so it would still come in around $10. There's leftovers too, so I'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow! Hopefully this new habit of eating in will be good for our health and our wallets.


  1. That sounds good...and the fact that it's inexpensive is even better. Thanks for sharing that!

    And the pictures are great, I love photos of leaves.

  2. I'm glad you clarified that Andrew said there was no tornado and then you ran outside. I was so concerned about your safety!! That chili looks good! I shall have to try it soon. And I really like how you said The chili looked like this... actually it did not look like this. You make me LOL, lovey!!

  3. Lindsey ... what kind of photojournalist are you?

    I once locked myself out of my car in Oxford while trying to photograph a tornado for photojournalism.

    Chili is a great idea. I made a black bean pumpkin chili last year that was neat. I'm a huge fan of large dinners. We made lasagna last night, and it tends to last for four meals.

  4. This majorly makes me wish I liked chili :( Great job planning ahead and cooking!