Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomato Head

East Tennessee tomatoes.
Had you asked me last week, I would have told you I despise tomatoes. Sure I liked tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, tomato soup, etc., but that was different because they were cooked and didn't have that juicy-yet-rubbery, gag-inducing tomato texture. So yes, I would have told you I hated them. But I would have been lying.

I had an epiphany last weekend, kids. It happened sometime between the Saturday afternoon bruschetta ( recipe from Willow's blog)

Don't forget the over-easy egg, slightly broiled.

and the Sunday night pico de gallo

Look at that cilantro!

that I realized I kind of don't hate like tomatoes. This was quite shocking to me, as I really, truly believed I could not eat them uncooked. I even wrote an ode to my hatred of tomatoes (you can totally do that, by the way) in a poetry class senior year of college. Not liking tomatoes was always the weird thing about me, and I liked to tell people as the popped whole cherry tomatoes into their mouths or sliced marinated heirlooms. I can't quite pinpoint when this began changing, but I can't deny it anymore. I'm still not to the point of eating large (read: thick) slices of tomatoes and I still won't put them in my salad, but they're a nice accent flavor and I definitely can't say they disgust me anymore. And they're just so pretty!

That egg/bruschetta combo above was insanely delicious. Willow posted about it on her blog a couple weeks ago, and I've been craving it ever since. Of course her tomatoes and basil were homegrown, but I strive to do that next year! And I do believe she put some sort of meat on hers, which would be a great addition, but we didn't have any. Over-easy eggs are also another thing I have never liked, until right now.

Are there any foods you hated growing up that you love now?

Happy Friday, everyone! This weekend I'll be doing some life maintenance, like buying shampoo and conditioner (I'm pretty sure I've been conditioning with body wash my friend left in an unmarked bottle), cleaning the house and drinking beer.


  1. I once wrote an ode for an English class about how much I love pineapple! It was great.

    I've been a salad-hater for forever. I pride myself on not eating lettuce because its crunchy and weird and its LEAVES. But recently, a little bit of it on a sandwich is okay... and I've even eaten a spinach salad or two and enjoyed it... but shhh, don't tell!

  2. I HATE tomatoes - but in all forms: sauce, salsa, cooked, raw. I'm so embarrassed about it too. I always feel like I'm 12 when I have to substitute sauces at restaurants. It's seriously annoying.

    But maybe someday I'll grow up and come around like you. I really hope so...

  3. MMMMM! I'm kind of the same way. I don't like big slices of tomatoes but I love salsa, pico, and bruschetta! Sounds like a lot of delicious tomato meals!

  4. I use to love to eat tomatoes fresh out of my dad's garden with a little salt and pepper!

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  6. Ahhh! I removed the post to fix a's the fixed comment!

    1. Your blog always makes me think that you guys eat like kings over there. I may or may not leave your page slightly jealous and more than slightly hungry.

    2. Tomatoes are the bomb. Get some fried green ones and let me know what you think.

    3. I love that you used the term life maintenance. It's one of my most favorite terms.

    4. No BLT's? I bet you Andrew can make a mean good BLT. I look forward to seeing the post and being hungry!