Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Wedding, Part Four: Photographing

One of my discs of wedding pictures didn't work, so the recaps have been on hold until I got the re-send. It finally came Saturday, so expect an overload of picture-heavy posts!

To refresh your memory, we've recapped:

Primping - My mom and sister helped me get ready.

Peeking - Our first look.

Posing - Wedding party "portraits."

After our group photo sessions at Rowan Oak, the wedding party left to head back to the Isom Place to relax drink scotch and champagne before the ceremony. Groomsman Jamie stayed behind in his sweet air-conditioned 'Stang, and kindly waited while Jenny, Andrew and I wandered around the property to take pictures of just the two of us. These are some of my favorite, hands down, and pretty much embody my whole vision of the wedding: romantic, sweet, vintage-inspired, low-key.

At this point, the sweating had gone from a just a nuisance to a straight up situation, so we left to dry off before the ceremony. Remember, the heat index was 117 (oops, actually 114) on our wedding day.

Observe an un-edited sweaty pic of Andrew's knees:

After this, we all piled into the 'Stang and headed back to the Isom Place, where we dried off and took family portraits. Check out Andrew's adorable, normal sized family.

Immediate A fam.

Extended A fam.
Andrew does have cousins and aunts and uncles and things, but unlike my family, they do not travel in a pack. I shall demonstrate. We were taking these photos outside before guests arrive, so for time's sake we  broke them up into two categories: "immediate family" and "everyone else." Judging from my immediate family pictures, my fam looks normal too.

My immediate fam. 

However, check out the "everyone else" photo. We've tripled!

I love my family. We're all close and everyone travels in a pack. We even had James, a non-family member (but longtime family friend) sneak in there. Which then prompted everyone (my family is very loud) to scream at Mrs. S, also a longtime family friend, to get into the picture too! And she did! Here we all are. What a lovely bunch. I love these people.

We did a few shots with my dad and PawPaw.

And then it was time to head back inside and wait for the ceremony to begin. Getting all of the pictures done beforehand was a huge relief, because now all we had to do was get married and enjoy ourselves! Stay tuned for the ceremony recap!

*All photos by Jenny Anderson


  1. Oh my gosh - I would have never guessed it was so hot out! These pictures are so amazing. I love the shots under the grape vines!

  2. These pictures are definitely amazing for it being that hot. I think I would have been a mess and a half- and grumpy! What a beautiful bride, especially in such extreme heat!

  3. What a fab set of pictures...your photographer and wedding were awesome! One question,,,why didn't anyone tell me to move away firm the teeny tiny tanned cousin??


  4. Beautiful photos! I love the ones of just you and your hubby...I wish we had more of those type of shots taken at our wedding!

  5. Ahhh Rowan Oak, how I love that place. I was just in Oxford today, makes my heart happy :)

  6. OH M G! I LOVE THE PHOTOS OF YOU TWO! Your photog did an amazing job. The ones of you two where you're leaning on him holding your shoes... omg, priceless. Keep 'em coming!!!