Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cabbages, Sharkdogs and Holiday Cards, Oh My!

Guess what? My Shutterfly holiday cards came in the mail yesterday and I'm obsessed with them! Maybe I won't send them out and I'll just keep all 50 of them to myself. Would that make me a hoarder? Oh well, I guess I'll mail them out. This is the design we ended up choosing.

They're such great quality and with the blog promo Shutterfly is doing, I paid about $8 for 50! Great deal. We used an engagement picture, a wedding picture and one of the Sharkdog. Speaking of the Sharkdog, Sawyer has recently developed another bad habit. What is odd about this picture? (Besides Nurse A's obvious frustration.)

 One family member of the canine variety is in a very odd position. The pupster's latest thing is rolling over on his back, and then being dragged across the yard (by is harness, not his neck). He also likes to roll down the hill near our house.

Since I'm on the subject of updates, remember this?

It's the Box of Everything Thank-You Note. I wasn't very organized when keeping up with our thank you note list (to all the wedding planners out there, definitely keep a spreadsheet!), and I resolved to get them out before our two month anniversary. I failed, but I did put the very last one in the mailbox Saturday, a day before our three month anniversary on Sunday, which I'm putting in the win category. (I don't count the fact that it was after the mail ran, so it didn't actually go out until Monday.)

My next update is not not so successful. A couple of months ago, we spent Saturday planting a garden. It started off well. We had sprouts, and our broccoli transplants were growing quite large.

Grow broccoli plant, grow!
About a month ago, we noticed our jalapeno plant had been completely eaten, all the leaves, jalapenos, everything. Odd, we thought. I don't envy the animal that ate our jalapenos. It was also fall now, and we'd had jalapenos all summer, so it wasn't too sad. But then last week we went out to the garden and saw this. Oh the horror!

Little leafless broccoli plants.
Every single one of our broccoli plants had been eaten. And our tiny lettuces are getting picked off one by one.  What would do this to us? I have a really good guess:

The accused.
We have lots of deer in our neighborhood, and they seem to have switched from eating the pears off our tree to eating our broccoli. Or maybe it's raccoons. We saw a very sad neighbor looking at his uprooted flower bed awhile back and he blamed it on raccoons.

For some reason, the one random cabbage has gone untouched and is growing quite large. I have no idea what to do with it, except be proud that it hasn't died. Does anyone have any delicious cabbage recipes?

Well this was a sufficiently random post. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Our pup Ollie went through that roll-in-the-grass-drove-his-parents-NUTS stage too! I wish I could tell you what we did to make him resist the urge but he suddenly just stopped doing it. Hopefully it'll lose it's appeal to Sawyer too.

  2. I love that he likes to be dragged through the grass!! That is so funny!! Poor Nurse A. He looks so frustrated!! Congrats on getting your Thank you Notes done! Thats a huge accomplishment.

  3. You're cards are super cute! I just ordered mine yesterday.. can't wait to see them!

  4. Your cards look amazing!!!!! And we can't grow a darned thing (not even basil in a planter indoors) so your cabbage still impresses me.