Monday, November 8, 2010

Shutterfly, Flutter by

It obviously takes me a minute to pick up on things, because I just realized that Shutterfly is offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers who spread the love about the site. (Go here to participate, fellow out-of-the-loop bloggers:

This is exciting for multiple reasons, the first being that I was already planning on ordering cards from Shutterfly after my mother-in-law made our wedding announcements and a cute photo book on the site. I've even picked out the pictures I might use. Let us view:

We'll definitely an engagement picture, because we shot them last December so they're season appropriate and the colors go really well with some of the cards I have my eye on.

*Photos by Jenny Anderson
And then a few random combos of Nurse A and Sawyer, Sawyer by himself, the three of us together, etc. We're definitely going to do a card with multiple photos, because I'd rather not try to pose the whole family. I tend to make crazy eyes when posed, and Andrew looks miserable. Sawyer is actually quite photogenic. See?

This card is one of my absolute favorites. We'll probably go with a variation of this design, since we have friends who don't celebrate Christmas. But Shutterfly has plenty just like this with different messages, so never fear!

And this one lets you to list things you're thankful for at the end of the year. How neat is that?

They're so cute and in all price ranges--in my recent unemployment (ahem, I prefer "freelance") I was going through the less-than-50-cent ones and was quite pleased with my options. These are as inexpensive as 32 cents and I love the layouts!

If you're like me and sort things by price when shopping online, you can still send out really nice cards, and Shutterfly is always doing promotions. So if you haven't already done it, head over to Shutterfly and browse their holiday cards, Christmas cards and all the other fun things like calendars and story cards that you can make. It's really simple--just upload your pictures, drag, drop and customize. But you probably know that.

Happy card making!


  1. LOOOOOOVE the pictures by the courthouse :) My favorite town makes my heart happy.

  2. I really should stop reading everyone's posts about the cards because I am totally second-guessing my orders now!! Wahhh!