Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Greetings

Happy holidays from Highlands, North Carolina!

After a great week at home with my family, Nurse A and I packed up the pupster and all our homemade gifts (we got an adorable ornament, cookies and home-brewed winter lager from my brother and his fiance; venison from my sister and her husband; fish from my grandpa; and tons of the pottery my stepfather makes) and drove to his family's lakehouse in Alabama Christmas night. We finally arrived in Highlands yesterday, after a treacherous (to me) drive up the mountain. It snowed all night last night and is beautiful today!

Sawyer loves snow and can't be bothered with posing.

We have a warm house

and beer

Really, what else could you need? Wishing you all warm and safe holidays! Better holiday recap to come.

P.S.--A certain labrahound got caught in a (sticky) mousetrap his first night in the Highlands house, definitely one of my top five favorite Sawyer moments so far. The sticky stuff came off his paw easily with hand soap, though.


  1. WOW The house looks amazing!! Hope you are able to enjoy the winter weather. Also, I love the way you chilled your beer.

  2. Ummm seriously, that shot of the house looks like it could be out of a postcard! LOVE! So glad y'allhad a good Christmas :)

  3. I told you that the drive up the mountain was INSANE!!!! Don't you love it there??? I wish I was there too!!!! I miss you!! Kisses from Buddy!

  4. The house is beautiful! Hope you're having SO much fun!!

  5. Ohhh Sawyer!!! How cute & hilarious! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with them all!