Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

Happy New Year! I've loved reading everyone's 2010 recaps and have finally written one of my own. The past 12 months have been some of the most challenging-yet-happy that I can remember. Nurse A and I made some hard decisions both professionally and personally, discovered some new hobbies, experienced true loss together and experienced true happiness. Quite a roller coaster, I'd say. But without further ado, here are my top 10 moments from 2010 in no particular order (except the first one!)

Getting married, of course! Need I say more?

August 14, 2010
Honeymoonin' in Savannah, Georgia - These were seriously some of the best days ever. Just my new husband, me, oysters, daiquiris and lots of ghosts. If you get a chance definitely go to Savannah and eat at the Planter's Tavern under the Old Pink House.

Sweaty Savannah night complete with smudged camera lens.

Introducing Sawyer

At the end of June we welcomed a slightly orange member into our little family: Sawyer! 

Sawyer, almost eight months old, Christmas 2010

Cooking up a storm 

My resignation from my Memphis job in October led to Nurse A and I eating in a lot. And guess what? We realized we're pretty good at cooking for the most part. We love the Williams-Sonoma Bride and Groom Cookbook, and can't wait to continue our cooking adventures in 2011. We have some big goals that I'll share on this blog later!

Adventures in breadmaking
Wedding festivities

Despite some stressful moments, I loved all of the excitement that surrounded our wedding. We had our first shower in the spring, followed by another in Gulf Shores with my family and a lingerie shower and NOLA bachelorette party in July. We also did a mini spa day the morning of the rehearsal, a bridal luncheon and of course our wonderful rehearsal dinner, all of which were great fun.

Showers, lingerie and NOLA, oh my!

Family vacation!

This year, for the first time since 2005, I was finally able to go on our family's annual beach vacation! In past years I've had to work or intern during the week-long trip. Even though there was oil on the beach we still had two lovely pools and a bay, so all was good. My sister Ash hosted a family shower for us, and in the middle of the week Nurse A and I road tripped to St. George Island, Florida for Nikki (the Fashionable Wife) and Charlie's beach wedding!

Luckily, there was no oil on this beach
Hit the ground running

We started running seriously at the end of 2010. Before the week-long fest of food and lounging in NC that ends Sunday morning, I was up to four miles, a is a huge accomplishment for me. (Andrew has run 6.2 before.) I can't wait to do a couple 10ks and start half-marathon training in the new year!

I know you've seen it before, but this is the only race picture I have of us because it's the only one I've ever done. Hopefully 2010 will bring new runs.

Simple fun

Moving back in together in May was a shining moment in our year. After the wedding we enjoyed a lot of simple things, like having some of our best friends stay with us in the extra room, planting a garden that deer later ate, walking Sawyer around our lovely neighborhood and picking pears from our tree!

Garden sprouts!
Endings and new beginnings

Andrew finished his master's degree this year, and I left my job after nearly a year and a half, which alternates between being challenging and rewarding. It was a much-needed move, however, and I'm hoping 2011 will be evidence of this.

Master A
The new year will definitely hold some big changes for us. I'm hoping for a job and maybe another puppy or two! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Happy 2011


  1. 2010 sounds like it rocked for you... but I hope 2011 rocks EVEN MORE!!!! AND HECK YEA FOR A NEW PUP OR TWO!!!!! (Love you Sawyer!!!)

  2. Happy New Year, Lovey!! 2011 is going to be our year!! Hopefully you'll make the move back to Memphis so we can reunite!! Love you three!! Kisses from Buddy!

  3. I just found your blog so Happy New Year! I will definitely be adding the Williams-Sonoma cookbook to our list of registry items.