Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Wedding: Promising

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly come up with more "P" titles for our wedding recaps, I have! (See primping, peeking, posing and photographing.) My recaps have been sporadic because the disc drive is broken on Nurse A's comp and my netbook doesn't have one, so I had to resize all of the remaining pictures and e-mail them to myself from my work computer. But I digress.

Now, on to the most important part of the whole day: getting married! I don't have that much to tell you about the ceremony, because it went by in such a flash and was so wonderful! We kept it short and sweet. I do remember being afraid I would trip in my high heels, being really happy to be standing up there with Andrew finally and awkwardly making eye contact with one of the groomsmen during the ceremony. (But I don't remember who it was!)

At this point in the day, the venue was all set up.

 The guest book on the front porch of the house was ready and waiting.

And so were we. At 7 p.m. on the dot (maybe even a few minutes earlier--the officiant was quite adamant about doing this thing) the wedding started!  The party walked out to an acoustic version of "Here Comes the Sun." (Might I add that Hilary Duff got married on the same day and her wedding party walked out to the same song? Famous by association? I think yes.)

A few shots of the wedding party:

Check out the expression on Nurse A's face. The tent in the background is where the buffet was set up.

Then the ladies started walking out.

MOH Ashley.

My mom made the dresses for my junior bridesmaid/cousin Melaina and adorable flower girl/cousin Selena. You can't really tell in the picture, but they had a striped white and light yellow pattern and were belted in the middle with polka dot ribbon to match the bridesmaids' Anthropologie dresses. (Not long after the ceremony Selena changed into shorts and a tank top and dumped the flower petals everywhere. So cute!)

The seats were full of lovely people.

My brother gave me away. I think we talked during this, but I don't remember what we said.

Our only ceremony decor was a set of white eyelet Martha Stewart lanterns. I'm quite obsessed with them and hopefully will get to use them again. 


I don't know why there is no one sitting near Andrew's mom. Also, her dress looks khaki but was a pretty green.

Married! We walked out to "How Sweet It Is," a song that we randomly came up with at the rehearsal. The song we left the ceremony to was not high on my list of priorities during wedding planning, but this was just fine with me.

I loved the boys' boutonnieres.

Somehow we ended up without a picture of bridesmaid Brooke and groomsman Paul walking down the aisle, but I swear they were there!

After we walked out, lots of us started crying and for some reason I congratulated groomsman Jamie. The whole wedding party hugged a lot and it was pretty much one of my favorite memories. Then I retreated into the bride's quarters with a glass of chardonnay while the bridesmaids and groomsmen transformed the ceremony space into the reception area.

The fans that everyone had hidden in the trees and greenery that morning worked quite well, and the wedding favor fans were a big hit. All in all, it wasn't too hot. The ceremony lasted less than 15 minutes and then people could go inside the house or stay outside if they wished. So what's next? Partying, of course!


  1. Lovely!! I have this intense urge to edit some of your pictures with a giant arrow pointing to my fat arm that keeps appearing in the photos... Like the last one. Proof I was there! Love it! Kisses!!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! i love the dresses & you look amazing. congrats :)

  3. WOW I cannot believe those jr. bridesmaid dresses are homemade. And I just love the color scheme and the whole setup. It looks marvelous and just perfect!